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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Late Middle English, late 16th century


Relating to or characteristic of the demigod Prometheus, especially in being rebelliously creative and innovative.

Examples of Promethean in a sentence

"The Promethean scientists worked to unlock the mysteries of the universe."

"The protestors described their mission as rebellious and Promethean."

About Promethean

Promethean comes from the name of the Greek demigod Prometheus. The suffix “-an” comes from the Latin “-anus” which means “pertaining to.”

Did you Know?

In Greek mythology Prometheus was a demigod made from clay who stole fire from heaven to share with mankind. In the early 1830s, (before modern matches were invented), small glass vials of sulphuric acid were surrounded by a flammable mixture which would ignite when pressed; these glass tubes were called “Prometheans.”

illustration Promethean

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