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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, late 16th century


Situated or originating on the other side of the sea.


Of or involving crossing the sea.

Examples of Transmarine in a sentence

"The marine biologist put together a crew for a transmarine exploration."

"Some bird species make yearly transmarine migrations."

About Transmarine

This word originates from the Latin “transmarinus,” from “trans-,” meaning “across” and “marinus,” meaning “marine, of the sea.”

Did you Know?

Millions of birds make transmarine journeys each year to a swath of the North Atlantic Ocean for food. A new study in “Conservation Letters” says decades of tracking data found the migratory birds represent about two dozen species from both hemispheres. Several of the species studied are endangered, and the hope is that with this new data, these 600,000 square kilometers of international waters can become a protected area.

illustration Transmarine

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