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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 1575


of last month

Examples of Ultimo in a sentence

"Gretchen hoped that this meeting would be more productive than the disastrous meeting ultimo."

"Given that his birthday was the 5th ultimo, his birthstone must be an opal."

About Ultimo

This word originates from the Latin term “ultimo mense,” which directly translates to “in the last month.”

Did you Know?

Whether you celebrated your birthday ultimo or this very month, there are a specific set of symbols that are ascribed to you. Most popularly, these symbols are usually a birth month flower and a birthstone. Birth month flowers originated from the language of flowers, first popularized in early 18th century England, and operated on the idea that certain seasonal flowers had attributes that could be passed to people born in the same season. Birthstones are popularly believed to come from 12 specific stones that were mentioned in the Bible. Appreciating one’s birth flower or wearing a birthstone has remained a cultural staple from the early 1900s to today.

illustration Ultimo

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