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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Casting or making a shade.

Examples of Umbriferous in a sentence

"The umbriferous willow tree provided the perfect spot for our picnic."

"We built a screened-in porch not only to provide shelter from rain and bugs, but also to be umbriferous on sunny days."

About Umbriferous

“Umbriferous” is based on the Latin “umbrifer,” formed by combining “umbra” (meaning “shade”) and “ferre” (meaning “to bear”).

Did you Know?

After long months of winter, and what seems like more hours spent in the dark than in the light, people are drawn to spend time in the sun. But even the most dedicated sun worshippers need to find a spot with an umbriferous (shade-casting) structure at times. From the Latin, “umbra” means “shade,” which should be recognizable in an umbriferous noun: “umbrella.” Anything that provides shade or shelter from the sun can be described with the adjective “umbriferous.”

illustration Umbriferous

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