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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 19th century


Stuffed; filled solid.


Stuffed; full from overeating.

Examples of Farctate in a sentence

"Jim was completely farctate following his third serving of Thanksgiving dinner."

"It was hard to fit the final items into the farctate moving van, so we carried some with us in the cab."

About Farctate

“Farctate” is derived from the Latin “farctus,” meaning “stuffed” or “full.”

Did you Know?

“Farctate” was first known as a botanical term: A “farctate stem” on a plant was solid or filled solid, rather than hollow. Over time, however, the term has shifted its focus; in most cases it describes the human sensation of being uncomfortably full after overeating. However, the adjective “farctate” can describe anything that is stuffed full, whether a solid branch, a very full belly, or a subway train packed so full of people, it cannot admit any more commuters.

illustration Farctate

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