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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, 15th century


(archaic) To ponder, consider.

Examples of Perpend in a sentence

"My favorite time to perpend life’s mysteries is on long forest walks."

"Leonard’s favorite part of college was having time to perpend subjects he might otherwise have ignored."

About Perpend

“Perpend” was borrowed from the Latin “perpendere.” That word was formed by combining the prefix “per-,” suggesting “thoroughly,” and the root “pendere,” meaning “to weigh.”

Did you Know?

One modern trend encouraging people to perpend the details of their own existence is the move toward mindfulness. Though mindfulness was originally a spiritual practice associated with Buddhist meditation, years of clinical testing by researchers and meditators alike have proved mindfulness is a helpful process for all people. The key to mindfulness is perpending what is happening in the present, rather than wondering about the future or stewing over the past. The goal is to perpend only what is happening at this particular moment. Many have found success with this project, as practicing mindfulness exercises through meditation often leads to a feeling of peace and relief from perpending stressful subjects.

illustration Perpend

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