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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: British English, late 18th century


Boisterous or unruly.

Examples of Rumbustious in a sentence

"The kids were being too rumbustious, so I shooed them outside to play."

"Expect the litter of puppies to be rumbustious when they hit 6 weeks old."

About Rumbustious

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but in the case of "rumbustious," the word produces a vivid mental image. Think of a pile of squirming kittens, or recess on the playground. That carefree playfulness is downright rumbustious.

Did you Know?

In the course of printing newspapers and books, spelling mistakes have occurred, and sometimes new words have been created. "Rumbustious" is one such neologism (new word). At some point in the late 18th century, someone was trying to use the archaic word "robustious," meaning "boisterous and robust," and they actually used "rumbustious." The error stuck, and now the unruly word is recorded in the dictionary.

illustration Rumbustious

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