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Part of speech: Verb

Origin: English, 18th century


To practice a musical instrument.

Examples of Woodshed in a sentence

"A musician who woodsheds several times a day will soon become a master of her instrument."

"The Band’s guitarist Robbie Robertson woodshedded so insistently he was known to take his guitar to the restroom."

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illustration Woodshed

About Woodshed

“Woodshed” is a simple compound of “wood” and “shed,” a variant of “shade” derived from the Old English “sced.”

Did you Know?

As a noun, a woodshed normally describes an outdoor storage area for firewood — though it can also be a euphemism for an outhouse. Both places are located away from prying ears, so a woodshed has long been a place a musician can practice for long periods without fear of exasperating nearby listeners. “Woodshedding” as a verb resulted from the commonality of this practice.

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